Training To Embody Mindfulness

Opening Mind’s aim is to support the growth of emotional intelligence for individuals and communities. We aspire to help people feel less rushed, more grounded and more able to find and follow the wisdom that live within themselves.

We do this by providing opportunities to support people to train and embody in mindfulness. Our courses are responsive to the needs of the individual or group. We offer courses for children and adults, families and business. Courses are shaped to meet needs from day workshops through to lengthy residential retreats. 

Opening Minds is constantly growing, adapting and evolving to meet the needs of the community, and always strives to find new ways to support people’s growth.


Read more about some courses that we offer:


Calm, Clear, Creative
Mindfulness training for teachers, offering weekend courses and ongoing face-to-face support.

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Gravity and Grace
A synergy of mindfulness and conscious movement based on Open Floor International.

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Empowerment and conscious movement for men


Retreats for Young Adults
Various residential courses to support and equip young adults for functioning well

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Mindfulness in the Classroom
Offering mindfulness education courses for children and teachers


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For any questions or inquiries as to how Opening Minds could support you, your community or your business, contact us and together we can craft a course to suit your needs.

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