Sometimes a Man Stands Up

Sometimes a man stands up during supper and walks outdoors

and keeps on walking because of a church that stands somewhere in the East.

And his children say blessings on him as if he were dead.

And another man, who remains inside his own house, dies there, inside the dishes and in the glasses,

so that his children have to go far out into the world toward that same church, which he forgot. 

Rilke found in (Bly, 1981,p. 49)

I was really very moved, touched and relieved. Really that is the feeling I have most of all. Relief he has found a place [Tracks] where he is totally seen and totally accepted - and totally challenged, and, actually to be more than he currently is. That the best that any of us can hope for as humans. And I can’t give him that because I am a woman and I’m his mum.

— Julie, Interviews, May, 2011.
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This work is hugely transformative for fathers, sons and communities. We are reinventing rites of passage in a contemporary context.


Opening minds has been a proud supporter and developer of rites of passage for over 10 years.

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The initiation we do here at Tracks is about pushing, finding the limit of the boy in me, and then going further. When I feel challenged it’s the boy inside me just can’t make it, and I just go through and it burns away all the smaller parts and just leaves the man. I think the learning that most boys take away with it is that they can challenge themselves, that they can pass challenges. I think it’s something that most young men are very keen to find out and is expressed in not always the best ways, the attempts to find your limits. I think for me, one of the things it made me feel was just a sense of oneness or connection...I think it’s made me believe in the magic of the world... It’s really affected me in the way that I see every tree, every plant now as part of the big spirit. I’ve always been around nature, the stuff that you wear gumboots to keep out....I think [Tracks] made me have more respect for the natural environment. I’m less likely to discard it. After the main ritual, that’s really one of the few times I’ve felt something in my chest and thought this is tapping into something really old and powerful, not really knowing what it is, but being comfortable with not knowing. So I think that it’s increased my belief in spirituality....I felt like this isn’t just my imagination, it’s actually having and actually feeling it, not just thinking it.
— Bradley, May 2011.
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