Belonging now a four day retreat - Review from Fire in Goodness

26th - 30th June

Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre.

$380 includes food, cook, private room + does not include dana for the teaching.


Review from FIRE IN GOODNESS ~ workshop in Christchurch

What were the highlights of the day for you?

- What did you get out from the day?

Thank you for your amazing workshop which truly reconnected my body to my powerful inner essence. The feeling I had in my body reminded me how dormant I had been in this connection. Even after a practice of Ashtanga Yoga and constantly connecting to nature, the playfulness and freedom of expression through dance awakened my spirit in a profound experience that left me light, refreshed and in pursuit of keeping this joyful feeling alive. My body tells me I need to move like this every day, and I am motivated to find a way to include movement and play in to my daily experience, to support me in my roles of working full time and mothering full time. Every part of my body keeps whispering to me in a strong clear voice - "you were made to move, you were made to move and be free”.  

Thank you Jaime and Julianna for providing a safe space to explore our connection to self and humanity, I believe our communities would be full of health and vitality and connection if we all connected with our fire within in this playful and explorative medium. I can not go back, please continue the work you are doing, the world needs you.

Heidi Wilton

Another participant

It was powerful and timely for me.  Everything i experienced through your kind actions and all those who helped, i needed very much at this time. 

I especially loved watching and dancing someone else's 'at home' dance and seeing how my own one changed even through the time of the days of transformation. I also found process for balancing of the fire and water energies very powerful.

Even though i felt as if what i needed was completed by lunch time, i was amazed how you sustained the group through the afternoon inquiry, adapting the plan you had perhaps made.

I was touched and inspired by 

  • your way of moving, being and by your words, (not too many and not too few);

  • poems of inspiration dropped into the space to assist the process;

  • the artistry of your selection of music to meet the changing needs of all individuals you held in your care through the  transformative movement process over these days;

  • the challenge and opportunity to stand for the thread (poem below) and to see all the names it was given and the careful development of the process that allowed people to be able to do this with such strength and power;

  • space you gave people, always, to choose whether to participate and the level of participation that was right for them;

  • your kind respect and acceptance of each person;

  • the space to be real and honest, that you gave throughout the days - (not too much chance for egos to dance);

  • the opportunity to connect deeply with other beings and feel the love and support of a community of beings with me in the dance of life;

I felt very safe through these days even though i arrived in quite an apparently vulnerable space internally.

I feel more clarity and strength to move forward in life well.

Accredited Teacher of Yoga and Meditation