Calm, Clear, Creative in the News

The guardian has published an article talking about the Calm, Clear, Creative mindfulness for teachers programme. It is great to see so many people supporting this endeavour to bring mindfulness forth into schools and the wider community.

What a delight to see Liam Malone, gold medal paralympian speak about the value that mindfulness has had for him, and to show his support for the project.

I wish that mindfulness was a practice that was taught to me when I was a child, as I see it as a necessary tool to equip people with, in a world that’s always vying to take our attention away from the present.
— Liam Malone - Gold medal paralympian

And as always, to have the support of Richard Fuller and the team at The Doctors Motueka, to reinforce the clinical and medical benefits of making mindfulness a part of all of our lives.

Clinical evidence is showing that it is an effective tool for anxiety and recurrent depression.
It’s about developing practical skills for our emotional health and has no specific cultural ideology
— Richard Fuller - GP at The doctors, Motueka

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