Men Can't Dance - Gathering moMENtum

Im inviting you men to watch this video and open to the possibilities that moving is the medicine for us to integrate, to honour, to heal, to love and maybe most of all to remember how to play. 



Although not talked about, stress and anxiety are common experiences for men. These workshops are for men of all ages to learn skills to live well with emotions. Stress, chronic busyness and fear live in our bodies and habitual postures. Music and movement is a direct and powerful way to gain awareness into these patterns.

One of our highest expressions as a human being is to move. Movement is a really powerful way of processing everything.
— Brian Bergman



* To explore play, learn skills and connect.
* To build a community of men courageous enough to be authentic about who we are and where we are going.
* To nourish the creative force alive in us as men through speech, art and movement.


 Men Can't Dance is Gathering moMENtum all around the country, bringing men together for workshops. If you would like to have a moMENtum event in your community, email