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Opening minds has offered various courses to support primary and secondary school children to begin to discover the joy of mindfulness.

In Primary schools we have focused on supporting health and wellbeing, and improving the key competencies of managing self, relating to others, thinking, participating and contributing.

In Secondary schools, Opening Minds has delivered courses to help senior students prepare for exams, manage stress and learn skills to relax.


In 2014 - 2016 Opening minds offered this programme to six schools in the Nelson/ Tasman region helping to craft, trial and develop the course into the nationwide programme that it has become today.


In 2016 Opening minds offered a 6 week programme in Victory school for teachers. This was developed with the recognition that if a teacher can embody mindfulness, the children will have an ongoing thread of support to begin to embody it in themselves.

The course focused on resourcing teachers to manage stress well and offer them preventative strategies regarding burnout.


What have we have learned from offering mindfulness in schools?

  • Mindfulness training needs to be face-to-face

  • Teachers need on-going support, not just one-off courses

  • Schools need finance to fund these trainings

With this in mind Opening Minds has developed Calm Clear Creative - a funded, face-to-face training for teachers. The vision is simple: train teachers well, provide on-going support, and children will naturally learn from a teacher who embodies these qualities.

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