Mindfulness for Children & Families

Melanie (mother) and Malia (Child) November 2018. Motueka Course.

It has been a real fun, a hands on exploration for me and my daughter to connect to ourselves and each other. I highly recommend it and I would like to do it again. It was packed with useful information. I got so much out of it as a parent and primary school teacher.

A 90 minute interactive workshop designed especially for children with an accompanying parent. This is a playfully creative introduction to mindfulness for children. The latest brain research shows that kids learn best when they feel safe. Our goal is to give kids the tools to feel calm and happy in simple practical ways.

Kids bodies move, emotions move, we do not expect children to sit still for long periods of time. When we look we notice that movement is how we all live, from the tiniest of cells to the great swirling galaxies. Our bodies and minds are no different. If mindfulness is going to be useful in busy life, it too must move.

We do not use screens, we use our bodies and games to help families build a culture of simple mindful living. 

It has shown me strategies to stay calm, and manage stressful situations more easily. It has helped me a lot with my daughter and to manage the single parent/ working mum lifestyle. 

I did a recent mindful activity and after when I asked how they felt, one boy said “my heart grew two sizes”. It was the cutest thing, and still brings a smile of joy and tears of happiness to me when I think about it. I consider myself so lucky to have this training, thank you very much.
— Bridget O'Leary - Motueka Mum & Teacher 2018

We explore mindfulness through games, imaginative story, music, song and where possible contact with nature. We work with all the dimensions of being: body, emotions, thinking, and kind heart to help children and families connect to their own capacity for calm, confidence and creativity.

Outcomes of the course

  • Increased ability to find calm with anxiety and nervousness

  • increased confidence to be with stress and meet challenges

  • Joy and connection with self and family

  • A seed for growing emotional wellbeing

  • Fun movement (it is not just sitting still)

  • Planting seeds of empathy and heart-full listening

We want a parent to come along because if we are committed to living with kindness, calm & confidence, mindfulness needs to become a part of the family. We share ideas to help create routines that are easy, natural and calming. 

Our experience is that parents benefit greatly from the course with simple reminders about how to be present, calm and live well in a sometimes busy and stressful world.

Jamie facilitated the workshop beautifully, it was creative and fun, and his deep knowledge and experience of mindfulness was obvious. He empowered everyone to have a voice and to share ideas.  Jamie did this in many creative ways which helped make the understandings of what we were learning fun and tangible, the environment was relaxed, warm, open, and friendly.
— Karen Daw ~ Mother and Child Educator October 2018

A video we made a few years ago, while it takes place in school, we think it shows the benefits of mindfulness for children. They say it quite clearly.

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