Join us at Riverside Community Hall for monthly Open Floor Dances

Beginning Sunday 27th January.

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Divided no more

Why dance and mindfulness is Helping adults embody mindfulness.

Music and dance is a skilful way to help people learn about their emotions. We use music to help people regulate emotions and work with their triggers in a playful and aware way.

We can explore our windows of tolerance, build resilience, and the understanding to know where emotions live in the body. In time we can learn to transform difficulties into creative responses. We harness the capacity for play, and loosen our minds by loosening our bodies. It is that simple. 

A few images from our recent tour in Brazil - Moving to Learn Mindfulness

This experience has been nourishing, deepening, playful and serious at the same time. The movement and mindfulness practices complement each other beautifully, and I appreciated having spaces to integrate and contemplate. Jamie is a skilled teacher with much compassion, knowledge and laughter to share.
— Participant Open Floor Mindfulness ~ Simone Bensdorp October 2018


Mindfulness is learning to meet ourselves and the world with kindness, interest, patience and love. We teach mindfulness through dance because the nature of our minds and bodies is movement. Everything is moving, our bodies, senses, emotions, thoughts.

Skilful living requires the fluidity to respond well to constant change, it makes sense to train our minds and bodies to move well with change.

Jaime explains why mindfulness and dance offer a synergy for functioning well in the worlds.

Jamie has a very peaceful presence filled with love and openness. With these qualities he helped guide me to open up and free myself to go through a healing journey of movement. I highly recommend his session.
— Colette Steel Nelson

Working through the body we find a way to move and include all the dimensions of being: the light, the shadow, the paradoxes.  Open Floor practice teaches how to show up, to claim your birthright as an awake, mature human being capable of love.  Research shows that people who dance grow to be more flexible, confident and capable of intimacy…Dance allows us to become nimble in the face of change.

Jaime combines his great skills as a mindfulness teacher with facilitated dance exploration. He created a unique blend of meditation/mindfulness and using dance and movement to get in touch with self, others and the world. He took us on a journey of discovery and connections and held the space for me to allow myself to get in touch with my inner truth. The exquisite choice of music/exercises created space to have fun, explore, and took me on a journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to become more consciousness and who loves to be expressive with dance/ movement.   The course has been a jewel for me and I loved the beautiful space that was provided by Jamie - inside and outside
— Barbara Eisele.

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Men Can’t Dance

Opening Minds offers day courses for men, exploring movement and sacred sharing circles.

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About Open Floor Movement


Open Floor Movement Practice is a lively, sweaty, full-on dance inquiry: 

  • How can we move and include it all – feelings, other people, thoughts, wild passions, limitations?

  • Can we use movement to soften the tight spots in our tender hearts and stretch our capacity for relationship?

  • What happens if we turn old repetitive thoughts into choreography for creative dances?



Common Ground

There's an essential movement language we all speak when we take these questions to the dance floor. We call on universal elements that are inherent in any moving body, such as breath, gravity, centering, expansion and contraction. This is the common ground that all embodiment practices share. 
Open Floor is where the rubber meets the road – a place for creative focus and loving attention.


Common Sense

Since the beginning of time human beings have gathered to dance. Mindful movement practice is growing rapidly all over the planet because it's good for us. People who dance regularly have keener minds, greater emotional intelligence, and a calmer presence. Connection, compassion, and communities grow. In this challenging world, common sense tells us to spend time dancing.


Common Good

The ripple effect is inescapable. One dance can change someone’s day, one act of kindness can inspire a whole community. Students often leave a session able to bring a more generous presence out into the world. We dedicate our work to the common good, to the benefit of all beings.


Common ground.              Common sense.              Common good.


This is what we cultivate on the Open Floor.