Mindfulness Teacher Training

A training to support teachers to care for themselves and each other to avoid burnout and manage stress well. We plant wholesome seeds that nourish wellbeing for children and classrooms.

A short video about mindfulness and teachers

Testimonials from the four day Retreat held at Shambhala. The retreat will run again at Shambhala in 2020.

Diane Pepperell

Assistant Principal,  Adventure School, Wellington

The subsidy allowed me to attend the retreat and I am so glad I did. The benefit exceeded my expectations. 

The week with Jamie was an opportunity to experience relaxation and peacefulness for several days and it has been a catalyst for cementing positive changes in my life, changes I have been working on over several years. I think the timing was probably perfect for me. I now meditate most mornings and find I am calmer and more relaxed both at work and at home. The walking meditation is very effective for me and it is the first time I have been introduced to it. I am now incorporating pauses into my workday and I have be come much more deliberate in managing my work life balance. it is an ongoing journey but I am very grateful to have been supported to make these shifts.

Tim Wright  Social Sciences Waimea College

As a busy teacher, I really valued the opportunity to go on retreat.  It gave me a chance to slow down and settle, and to work on deepening my meditation practice.   As a result of going on this retreat in the past, I have been able to establish a regular meditation habit in my life.  This has enabled me to notice what is going on in the present moment more deeply, enhancing my experience of life, and noticing more often when I lapse into unnecessary planning and ruminating.  This has helped to reduce stress and improve my family life.  It has also been valuable at school, where I have introduced the practice in my classes, and lead a group of teachers who meet to sit together once a week supporting each other in our practice.  Several teachers have developed their own practice as a result of this.  I am very grateful to the opportunity to go a retreat, it has had a positive and profound impact on me, which is being passed on to others. Thank you for your support of this valuable programme.


Lucy Anderson Riwaka School

This is indeed an incredible project and I feel extremely lucky to have been able to take part. 

I was not only able to step out of my busy life and press pause for 5 days, allowing me to relax, but to also gain insight and develop my skills of breathing, centring and reflecting. I feel my 'whole self' was nourished over the week. The food was amazing and the gentle way that Jamie guided us was very responsive. I'm excited to transfer the skills that I practised during the retreat into my daily life. This does not just mean a morning meditation routine but also how I interact with others and the world around me. Teaching 5 year olds is demanding and I'm at my best when feeling calm, perceptive and creative and present. I look forward to introducing some of these skills with the children to build their self-awareness and ability to self calm. I'd like to say a huge thank you to the sponsors who generously subsidised this retreat, making it possible for myself and other teachers to refresh, reflect and reconnect. 

Bridget O’Leary Riwaka School
This 5 day retreat with Jaime has further developed my knowledge and bought a notion of firm knowing and deep seated want to carry on my practice at home. I have the skills and calmness to pause, feel my feet on the ground and smile when I notice my heart beating faster, or life begins to get too busy. I feel deeply thankful to you, the benefactor, to allow Jamie to provide us with space and teaching to further develop ourselves as wholesome human beings, and as teachers. A note I wrote while thoroughly enjoying the silence at the retreat :

“Meditation is a calmness that holds a space for feelings, experiences, memories and emotions to arise and be lovingly acknowledged, welcomed, accepted and inquisitively explored.”

Thank you for providing an opportunity for me to become a better human being.

The Doctors Motueka were awarded the National Care for our Community award for initiating Mindfulness within our local schools, our successful initiation was led by Dr Richard Fuller and Jaime Howell from Opening Minds.

The aim was to provide teachers and their pupils with an additional toolkit for dealing with the stresses and challenges of everyday life that can affect concentration, behaviour and emotional wellbeing, using simple mindfulness techniques and games. A mode of attention characterised by openness, acceptance and an enhanced ability to respond to the present moment. Being mindful allows for a clearer understanding of how thoughts and emotions impact on our health and quality of life.



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