Mindfulness Teacher Training


“This course came at just the right time for me - part way through my first year of teaching which I was finding very overwhelming. Calm, Clear Creative provided me with a tool box and supportive group in which to learn from. Not only did this help me personally but I know that my students have also benefited hugely from me being more calm in the classroom but also being able to use the tools themselves during class and at home! I've had parents thank me for sharing my knowledge -knowledge that was only made possible by being part of such a fantastic, open and supportive group. Thank you once again for making it possible! By far the best PD I have ever received!”  

 Josie Orr - 1st year teacher at Tasman School 2018

Josie Orr - 1st year teacher at Tasman School 2018

Announcing the 2019 Calm, Clear, Creative Level One Mindfulness Training for teachers.

Offering 20 subsidised places for local teachers to be supported to develop mindfulness. Face-to-face and practical, with ongoing support.

Our training has been nationally recognised, winning a National Care Award 2018. Our successful is because we are committed to supporting our local community with face to face, embodied training. We plant seeds and then we offer on going support. Our trainings are also funded (GP and private sponsorship) making them more accessible.

We are confident that mindfulness will soon become a part of mainstream education process.

What the training commitment involves.

The training will require commitment to attend;

  • Three professional development practice days throughout the year, some in term times, others in holidays. This is a one day meeting where the CCC community connect and practice together.

  • Four day residential retreat - April 15-19th ‘Nourishing Calm and Emotional Wellbeing’

  • Making a commitment to on going home practice

  • Essential reading and review

  • Mentoring and potential for supervision (This is an optional extra that requires negotiation)

  • Development of a unit of work for introducing children to mindfulness

  • Any teacher who meets the objectives will receive a certificate of completion. ‘Level One Calm Clear Creative Mindfulness Training for teachers.’

There are 20 places available for this training. As a participant you will get access to the scholarships enabling a 40-50% discount on all trainings. You will also get priority to attend the retreats. We are requesting registrations be made before the end of 2018.

A $50 registration fee is required to guarantee your place.

Sign Up

A registration form is available. Email the course manager at

The Doctors Motueka were awarded the National Care for our Community award for initiating Mindfulness within our local schools, our successful initiation was led by Dr Richard Fuller and Jaime Howell from Opening Minds.

The aim was to provide teachers and their pupils with an additional toolkit for dealing with the stresses and challenges of everyday life that can affect concentration, behaviour and emotional wellbeing, using simple mindfulness techniques and games. A mode of attention characterised by openness, acceptance and an enhanced ability to respond to the present moment. Being mindful allows for a clearer understanding of how thoughts and emotions impact on our health and quality of life.

Voices of the teachers…


“On a personal level, mindful practise has helped me to cope with the huge amount of stress I have in my job! It has been amazing to find something that really has helped me feel more grounded, calm and also something that I can teach my students that will support them. Having the sessions with Jamie and other teachers has been invaluable.”

Sarah Coup - Team leader, classroom teacher Parklands Motueka CCC 2018 Participant

“I cannot believe the energy I had for my work and the clarity of mind to just type and be confident with what I was writing. I am attributing this to my amazing weekend and my newly calm and focused mind. This was truly an unexpected bonus.”
— Words of an Associate Principal who attended the weekend training.




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