Mindfulness has been one of the great gifts that I have received, and that is no exaggeration. Jamie has given me so many absolute gems... In previous years I would have really battled to get through this year. Through Jamie’s teaching it has allowed me to be present in the moment and I feel alive and well.
— Richard Townsend Nelson September 2018

Learning Mindfulness will give you the tools to feel calm, confident and kind.

This one day commitment will provide a gentle introduction to Mindfulness for adults living busy lives. 

This is a five hour workshop (with 30 min interval for lunch) from 10-3pm for $90.

Outcomes for this one day workshop;

  • Learn practical strategies (that work for busy minds) that nourish the seeds of calm.

  • Learn how mindfulness will help you function well with emotions

  • Feel more confident, resilient and creative to move well with change

  • Learn in a supportive group with an inspiring teacher

  • Find how self compassion lives in you and how we can bring gentleness to the inner critic


Our workshops provide participants with practical strategies and theory to live with mindfulness. We specialise in face-to-face relationships, keeping it real, and making sure there is some lightness and fun. 

We practise what we share, meaning our embodied mindfulness training works for people living busy lives. This is about living with calm, clarity and creativity. These courses are not religious or some kind of new-age thing. The understandings we share come from the neuroscience that explains ‘Neurons that fire together wire together.'  As such, this is essentially about wiring for goodness.

Learning mindfulness will help you develop inner strength, resilience, and compassion

Participant Comments from one day course October 2018

Emma Williams

I found the mindfulness course a helpful tool to help deal with the everyday frustrations and negative overthinking I do. I learnt some great exercises that I can take away with me and apply to my everyday life. Overall the course was a great introduction for to me to learn about mindfulness.

Sharon Kirkwin

Very inspirational, I highly recommend this course. I would suggest it to anyone who would like to learn about mindfulness big thank you to Jamie, some of the techniques were really helpful.

Daniel Bulman

A great 4-5 hour introduction. Jamie created a safe environment and supported us to explore and understand better mindfulness. It is about being present and not having to reject or discard or change our bad ways of thinking. Feeling, acknowledging, and accepting these as opposed to being burdened by them.

Catrina Ballie

Well structured. A lot to take on board in one day but very well worth it, today Jamie made us feel totally comfortable as a group of strangers in a short space of time. Good to have everyone present for the day

Michael Orwell

The Course leader created a safe and open environment. Really helpful and inspirational day for me. Practical and easy to use exercises to work with


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