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What is mindfulness?

  • Learning to rest the body/mind in nourishing ease

  • Cultivating a mind that is caring, aware, discerning and alert

  • Emotional wellbeing

Through the practice of mindfulness we nourish our capacity for calm and clear seeing.

Mindfulness can help us become more aware and interested in the times and places where strong emotions are triggered. Meeting these emotions with kindness, interest, patience and love, inevitably leads to increased happiness and wholesome living. Put simply, we react less and respond more. We learn to move well with change.

Skilful mindfulness practice leads to emotional well being. A natural feeling of belonging to the world experienced as self-confidence, resilience, calm and curiosity. In time we may realise that peace of mind is not dependent on outer circumstances. Calm and clarity are available in every situation!

We offer Courses and Retreats

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26th June BELONGING ~ Our Natural State.

Participant comment from the Touching the Earth retreat Feb 2019…

" Touching the Earth" for me was a practical 'hands on' way to integrate the depth and richness of the age old teachings at the heart of the Wangapeka Center. The space and energy was beautifully held by Jaime, whose skill and passion made the week a safe and rich experience . The dance, the quiet, the food and the friendships I hold with gratitude.”
Max Dorfliger

We are offering one more 7 day retreat beginning on June 26th 2019 at the beautiful Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. The theme. Belonging - Our natural state.

The feeling of belonging is our natural state, it is a hallmark of a mature human being functioning well in community. Humans have a deep need to belong. Yet we can often feel separated. Busyness, stress, too much time on screens can leave us feeling stuck in our heads, a stranger to the living earth. Even when we feel fragmented there is a way to connect to the naturalness of our birthright.

Register your interest here.

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Children Moving to Learn Mindfulness
We explore using playful mindful games, imaginative stories, and contact with nature to help children and families connect to their own capacity for calm, confidence and creativity. Suggested child age is 7 upwards. This is 90 minute workshop for a parent and a child.


A Gentle Introduction to Mindfulness for Adults
Making friends with thinking and feelings as a foundation for emotional wellbeing and happiness. This is a one day workshop to learn how to move well with change, unravel stress and nourish calm.

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Calm Clear Creative Mindfulness training for school teachers
Scholarships to nourish teachers with understanding and resources to live and work mindfully. Weekend courses, four day retreats and a number of one day trainings spaced throughout 2019

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Moving to Learn Mindfulness through OPEN FLOOR

Conscious dance is a profound way to embody mindfulness, to live divided no more.

We work directly with the body and the power of music in a way that brings empowerment. The aspiration is to heal the fragmentation that can exist between body and mind, head and heart, public and private, stillness and movement. We can never control the music of life, but we can learn to move well.

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Mindfulness for teens and young adults
A 3 hour workshop to equip teenagers and young adults with foundations of mindfulness. We use music, movement and mindfulness to help young people find calm and build skills to surf turbulent emotions.


We encourage people to move to learn mindfulness, because the nature of our minds and bodies is movement.

Our senses are moving, our bodies are moving, thinking and feelings are movements. We are moving at work, at the kitchen sink, in our communicating with families and communities. Our understanding is mindfulness must be something that lives in our bodies, a demonstration of fluid responsiveness, available in all postures and in all situations.

We are teaching children, young adults, families and communities to move well with change.
— Opening Minds

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