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Gravity & Grace on the Wild West Coast

Evolutionary biologists are realising that survival of the kindest is where our ultimate salvation lies.

Wisdom and Compassionate Intent

A contemporary exploration of refuge through dance and meditation.

9.30-12.30am Sunday 15th. Dana/koha Entry

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About Jaime

As a meditation and movement teacher he has studied extensively with Tarchin Hearn who encouraged Jaime to facilitate and teach. Jaime spent three years as a resident practitioner at the Wangapeka Study and Retreat centre and is a founding Director of the Young Adult Retreat, and of the six-week Bodhi Seeds Retreat. 

Jaime has a Masters degree in Education and is a trained school teacher with a decade of experience in both secondary and primary settings. He is qualified Open Floor teacher.

Open Floor  

Life is movement.  Life is relationship, Movement is relationship.  The crucible of this mysterious alchemy is our body. We offer it an Open Floor.

Open Floor is an exploration of free movement and of oneself through movement. The Open Floor is a place where you can be and move exactly as you are and become more of who you truly are with each dance.

It’s a place where anything can happen and everything becomes movement. We move with our whole body, our whole heart, our big mind, connected to the vast mystery of life.

We make space for our hunger for solitude, for connection, for belonging, and for spirit