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Men Cant Dance, Men Cant Talk….

  • Victory Community Centre Nelson New Zealand (map)

Gravity and Grace presents

Men Can't Dance, Men Can't Talk….

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Although not talked about, stress and anxiety are common experiences for men. This is a workshop for men of all ages to learn skills to live well with emotions. Stress, chronic busyness, fear live in our bodies, in our postures. Music and movement is a direct and powerful way to gain awareness into these patterns.


* To explore play, learn skills and connect.
* To build a community of men courageous enough to be authentic about who we are and where we are going.
* To nourish the creative force alive in us as men through speech, art and movement.

Save hundreds of $$$ on alcohol by learning some skills to live better with emotions.

Registration eventbrite $70 ($20 discount if book online) $90 on the door.

Please bring something, an item, an object, an image or a symbol, that speaks to you of power.

Introducing the facilitators;

John Allen is an artist and celebrant. He has a strong desire to continue to wake up and bridge his own outmoded male conditioning. John is deeply committed to strengthening the spiritual heart and to discover the gold in the mystery.

Adge Tucker is an instrumental part of reinventing Rites of Passage. He’s been involved in men's work for a long time. He’s a firm believer in people's instinctive knowledge, good nature and ability to help each other in profound ways. Adge is a gifted facilitator.

Jaime Howell has a Masters in Education, he has worked for over a decade helping men discover self awareness and emotional intelligence. Jaime is the Director of Opening Minds and a graduate of a three year school of mindfulness/meditation. Jaime is currently the only male Open Floor Movement teacher in New Zealand.