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Moved to learn Mindfulness

  • Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre (map)

The fruitful synergy - exploring the foundations of mindfulness through movement.

We (often busy humans) need to be able to move with mindfulness. We need the life enhancing capacity for embodied awareness available in all postures, in all situations. 

Mindfulness is more than just sitting still...

On this 5 day residential retreat, we will combine sitting meditation practise with guided movement inquiries, using music to explore qualities of presence, in the full range of rhythms and motions that we experience in our everyday lives. 

If you have never been to the Wangapeka Education Centre you are in for a (re)treat. This is one of the first retreat centres in New Zealand. It is a source of deep nourishment on every level. There are only 14 places available on this retreat. This will enable each participant to have their own room. 


Sometimes I struggle with meditation. It is easy to forget the body, to lose myself in subtle cravings to get somewhere. I found the movement inquires enlivening, opening. Contrary to how it might appear, moving to music actually improved my capacity to sit still.
— – Juliana Griese participant 2017 Mindfulness and Dance retreat.

Investment: $425. This includes your own room, three nutritious meals each day, accomodation in the beautiful natural environment of Wangapeka Valley and teaching materials. Scholarships available on request. A $200 scholarship is available on application for any teacher participating in the Calm Clear Creative Mindfulness Teacher training programme.

What you will get:

  • Learn how to stay grounded and centred in challenging states of reactivity.
  • Connect with joy, aliveness and sense of renewed purpose and power.
  • Learn to welcome difficulties as creative opportunities.
  • Access calm more quickly and easefully  
  • Learn in a supportive group in a nourishing environment.
  • Explore the foundations of mindfulness in a modern integrative way and have resources to share with others in education settings.

'Mindfulness  through movement' training takes off in Brazil

First of all, I would like to tell you how deep changes have moved within me during this weekend. Embodiment has really magical powers. No other way I have tried in the last few years could awake my soul as  dancing the foundations of mindfulness. Beautiful!
— Tatiana Achcar Brazilian participantJune 2018.

One of many recommendations received in Brazil,  mindfulness and dance is currently being requested in the South American cities of Sao Paulo, Recife and Rio de Janeiro.

This is working because awareness is movement. Music opens a whole range of possibilities to work with awareness directly in the body with emotions and heart. We live life this way, moving through the landscapes of triumph and challenge, busyness and calm, ups and downs. The question is not to control life, but how well can we learn to move.

Neuroscience has shown us that mindfulness supports positive changes in the structure of the brain & nervous system. Open Floor movement explorations give us the opportunity to fully embody these changes, to learn in the bones of our being that we can move & include it all - the joy, grief, light & shadow of being fully human. From this state of openness we find the capacity to welcome difficulties as creative opportunities. Together in a supportive group we will become resourced to transform habitual patterns into new ways of being that nurture ourselves, our communities and the positive changes we want to see in the world. Jaime's approach to this will adapt organically during the retreat to best serve the needs of each participant.

Why dance, why movement and meditation together?


Your Facilitator is Jaime Howell

Jaime is an Open Floor conscious movement teacher and Director of Opening Minds, an organisation dedicated to nourishing the seeds of wisdom and compassion. He is a graduate of a three year school of mindfulness/meditation and went on to spend another three years as the resident practitioner at the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. He is a volunteer Director of the Rites of Passage Foundation. Jaime has a Masters in Education.

Jaime is bringing fifteen years of mindfulness teaching together with Open Floor. Mindful awareness is about learning bring gentleness and curiosity to ourselves as we are, to embrace our innate talents and what we sometimes think of as our difficulties. Becoming gentle penetrative awareness into our habitual reactiveness is one of the keys and dance/movement (being able to move well with change)  is a beautiful metaphor for this work. 

Short video showing Jaime training teachers to embody mindfulness

“I would recommend Jaime Howell to anyone wanting to learn mindfulness.”
— Barbara Greene. Counsellor, Coach, Celebrant and developer of Calming the Chaos
“The key to meaningful living is mindfulness. The heart of mindfulness, a simultaneous blending of love with clear-seeing-enquiry, arises out of the multi-levelled life and living that we are.  This is the music of the universe and it resounds in everything. Listen! You can hear the singing in your bones, your feelings, your perceptions and intuitive understandings. There is singing in the wind and rain, in cities and rural farmlands, in flow and difficulty, in climate change and political shenanigans. The words of this music are infinitely various, but the meaning is the same; Everything interconnects!
— Tarchin Hearn.
Earlier Event: September 16
Open Floor Dance and Mindfulness