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Building the Foundations of Mindfulness - A contemplative retreat for Young Adults

The Satipatthana is the root instruction for mindfulness practice. This pithy ancient text strips mindfulness back to four foundations which underpin the experience of being alive. It was written a long time ago by a human who looked deeply into the nature of things. Some things have changed since then, others have not.

As mindfulness practice becomes increasingly mainstream, studying its foundations takes on new relevance. During this retreat we will explore what the four foundations mean in a contemporary setting. We will invite and listen to the questions of our times (as expressed by the participants) in relation to these foundations, with a view to laying them afresh for ourselves and our generation.

This retreat will foster co-creativity and self-expression, while encouraging participants to drop into a deep place of contemplation. The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre provides a wilderness environment of mountains, trees and river; an idyllic container for experiencing inner depth and expansiveness. We will eat from the organic garden, walk the mountain paths and take time to connect with the mana whenua of the local environment.

During the course of the week, we will find creative ways to share and explore our insights through movement, sound and silence. Offerings such as clay-play, creative writing, dance, poetry, massage and storytelling will be made available. We will use collaborative methods of sharing ideas and skills through Open Space technology. The retreat will be co-facilitated by Jaime Howell, Elli Yates, Daniel Burgess-Milne and Rachel Zahner, who each have long-standing connections to the Centre and bring unique mindfulness-related skills to the group.


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