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Calm, Clear, Creative one day training #3

Workshop #3

Intentions for the 2018 CCC Mindfulness Training Pathway.

  • Develop a local inter-school network of teachers that are committed to the co-creation of resources and skills on the topic of mindfulness and education.
  • Recognising that the heart of a mindfulness practice is nourished by our own understanding and integration, CCC will provide opportunities for individuals to deepen their personal understanding and embodied practice of mindfulness.
  • Develop units of work across the levels and subjects that share mindfulness with children, exploring the links between mindfulness and the key competencies, especially in helping students develop self awareness and self management skills.
  • Raise the question and work collectively to integrate mindfulness into the wider school community.
  • Include opportunities for creativity through play and allowing space. This is an acknowledgement teachers are busy people. We are not only offering resources but aspire to nourish the passion for teaching and learning.