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“moMENtum” A workshop for Men

What is the gift you carry in your soul?

What have you brought with you into the heart of the village?
— moMENtum

A workshop for men to feel more resourced to work with and be with emotions; to build a community of men who are strong and caring, able to stand for what matters. We will use music as medicine to move and re inhabit our bodies, expand our comfort zones/window of presence to be real and available in more situations.


March 25, 2017

Venue: Victory Community Centre

10am to 5.30 pm

Costs sliding scale $80

Tickets contact

Bring own lunch, there is a kitchen

The tensions we hold are in many cases just armoring reflective of underlying anxieties and fears about not feeling safe in the world. When we knot our muscles, clench our teeth, or tie our guts in knots it does little for us but cause pain, raise blood pressure, and create noise in the nervous system. While this accomplishes the unconscious task of dulling our sensitivity and shielding us from the intensity of life, it also exhausts, depletes, and weakens us. Such survival skills are not sustainable and, over time, the accumulating strain will lead to many problems. Relaxation is a gesture of mercy, compassion, and kindness toward ourselves, and a step toward becoming more open and available to life, to trusting and embracing our wholeness. To make this step again and again takes courage---the courage to look, listen, feel, and welcome life without running away, or constricting back into our shell of tension, or 'ignorance.'"

- Joel & Michelle Levey in our book - Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World

Starting a conversation about the integration of feminine into mens lives, beauty and strength, the sword and the harp, without this men become brutal, hard and that would be one loss but this spills out into their relationships, their children and so the cycle continues, father to father, son to son, its time for a new story…