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Gravity and Grace

  • Fairfield House Nelson (map)
You can’t fight your struggles because they feed off the fight, but you can use the energy to move.
— Jaime

A unique course in dance, movement and mindfulness.

Unlock a more joyful way of being in the world, through a transformative combination of movement and mindfulness.

The course involves four 90 minute sessions bringing together the enlivening and healing qualities of dance and the clarity and ease of mindfulness, creating the perfect balance of action and reflection to nourish the body and mind this winter. 

We are wired to dance, our ancestors danced to celebrate, to grieve, to heal, to change. Music woven with guided inquiry is a powerful doorway to an integrated and fully alive way of being in the world. It is fun! We will use the music and inquiry to build skill sets that enable us to feel grounded amidst the busyness and chaos of modern life. We will learn tools that work to settle the nervous system. We will learn to activate energy and courage to be fully alive in this world.

How to book your place

Numbers are limited, book your place for this winter treat at or call 02102644351

What you can expect from the course

Mindfulness physically changes our neurobiology, it is the gently path of learning to know oneself that leads to greater freedom. You’ll learn practical techniques to help release stress, anxiety, sadness and other difficult states in your everyday life and cultivate a freer, more positive way of being.

If the idea of dancing feels challenging, know there are no moves to learn. You will be guided with carefully crafted music to explore themes of grounding, activating and settling, releasing and letting go. Jaime will help those who feel interested but potentially anxious to dance and move. Increasing your capacity for physical movement will increase your mental, emotional agility and flexibility. We work with both body and mind as one, building confidence and having fun.

Each session includes 45 minutes of dance and 45 minutes of mindfulness instruction.

WEEK ONE Grounding - What tools do I have to feel grounded. Can I be resourced with ground when excited and enthused? Can I be grounded when triggered? Grounding as a way of connecting to something bigger, more stable than a monkey mind, busy spinning its stories.

WEEK TWO Activating and settling - An untaught fundamental skill is knowing how to settle the autonomic nervous system. To what extent can I use the energy of struggle to activate creativity? The untold truth is that so often mindfulness can lead to frustration as people become more aware of the endless chatter of thoughts that has always been there,  worse still there is little guidance on how to work with the energies behind the chatterings. Working in the body is the key.

WEEK THREE Releasing - “AHHHHH” Learning is easy, unlearning is difficult.  We will explore releasing stuck places, views and opinions and feel the release, what a relief. Knowing where you are going is suffering??? (Now there is a question not contemplated much)

WEEK FOUR Dissolving - Dissolving the identity project a little, loosening up this EGO, this vastly intelligent yet bizarre phenomena that isconstantly controlling and manipulating life to its whims and fancies. Dissolving is moving towards union, the mystery, a feeling of oneness.

Life is nothing if it isn’t a dance and we are deceiving ourselves if we think we know where it’s going. Movement is the fabric of life, the working hypothesis is being able to move well is the key.

VENUE: Fairfield House Nelson

Cost for all four 90-minute sessions: 

   $125 early bird price before July 1st
   $145 from July 1st

When: 7.30 pm 3rd August 2016

“I would recommend Jaime Howell to anyone wanting to learn mindfulness.”
Barbara Greene

Your teacher

Jaime Howell is the founder and director of Opening Minds. Jaime holds a Masters Degree in Education and has been studying and practicing mindfulness for over fifteen years.

Jaime is a trainee teacher for Open Floor International and a certified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher who helped develop a nationwide mindfulness project in schools.

Jaime teaches mindfulness to children and teachers in schools. Watch the video and see more about this exciting work happening in schools.

About the Venue: Fairfield House Nelson.

021 026 44351