Bodhi seeds is a six week course at the Wangapeka for young adults to experience living in community and crafting a deep practice of meditation and mindfulness. Woven into this are explorations of ritual, rites of passage, dance, art, and a number of short courses run by external teachers who come to the centre.

Bodhi Seeds has run for two years and is developing into a space for young leaders to craft their skills of facilitation, and offer their gifts to the world.



To read more about the content of the programme and hear from some participants, you can read the report from 2017 HERE



The 'Young Adult's Retreat'




This year, YAR is exploring the Satipatthana and the four foundations of mindfulness. The course is full, but there is a waiting list for anybody who wants to come along.
 For more info, click HERE.

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Opening minds has worked in collaboration with other teachers at the Wangapeka to develop a one week contemplative retreat for young adults (18-35).

The course works with a particular exploration each year and provides the opportunity for participants to enter into a space of deep contemplation and support.

the Young Adults Retreat is now in its 5th year, and a number of regular participants are beginning to step into facilitating roles, so that young people are crafting the space for young people.


here’s a few glimpses of the course in it’s 2nd year