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Our aim is to support and inspire people to live with an embodied awareness. We offer introductory mindfulness courses through to longer residential retreats with a focus on providing ongoing support for integration. Metaphorically speaking, we plant seeds, weed and water to nourish the growth and unfolding.

A strong focus for Opening Minds is offering in-depth face-to-face training for teachers and managers in the field of education. Opening Minds has contributed significantly to the processes of educating parents and children both in classrooms and also in a voluntary capacity developing community led rites of passage. 

Our leadership training brings together neuroscience, mindful awareness and body work to create transformational opportunities for empowerment, team building and personal growth. 

Nigel Latta: ‘we must teach mindfulness to all kids’
— National Radio Sunday Morning, 10:04 am on 26 August 2018

This footage is from the Calm Clear Creative Mindful Teacher Training taking place in the Motueka/Tasman region.

September 16th Riverside Hall 10am Open Floor Dance and Mindfulness sessions with Jaime $15-20. 

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Moving to learn Mindfulness...

A lot of people learn about mindfulness with restricting images and expectations, uncomfortable body postures, back aching, legs around your ears, attempting to sit still while the mind is doing back flips, yelling about all the things you could be doing if you were not sitting here like some imitation eastern garden gnome.

We teach mindfulness using movement and stillness. Our bodies and minds are built to move, movement is the foundation of health and creativity. Open Floor uses guided inquires to invite people to move freely with music, to come to know the relationship between body and mind and feelings. These explorations give us the opportunity to learn how to move well with change. From a state of openness we find the capacity to welcome difficulties as creative opportunities. This work is about resourcing people to transform habitual patterns into new ways of being that nurture ourselves, our communities and the positive changes we want to see in the world.

A few images from a recent intivtation to share this way of working in Brazil...


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