Unveiling the funded, local, face to face mindfulness training for teachers in the Nelson/Tasman area 2018

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Calm Clear Creative Mindfulness Teacher Training.

Announcing the Calm Clear Creative  Mindfulness Training for Teachers 2018

In 2017 Opening Minds presented to 12 schools in the Nelson/Tasman region. From these presentations 22 teachers participated in one of two training weekends. Watch the video to see how the Calm, Clear, Creative course impacted these participants:


Intentions for the 2018 CCC Mindfulness Training Pathway.

  • Develop a local inter-school network of teachers that are committed to the co-creation of resources and skills on the topic of mindfulness and education.
  • Recognising that the heart of a mindfulness practice is nourished by our own understanding and integration, CCC will provide opportunities for individuals to deepen their personal understanding and embodied practice of mindfulness.
  • Develop units of work across the levels and subjects that share mindfulness with children, exploring the links between mindfulness and the key competencies, especially in helping students develop self awareness and self management skills.
  • Raise the question and work collectively to integrate mindfulness into the wider school community.
  • Include opportunities for creativity through play and allowing space. This is an acknowledgement teachers are busy people. We are not only offering resources but aspire to nourish the passion for teaching and learning.

What the training includes

  • Four one-day professional development days in the local region spaced throughout the school year. (Two of these days are in the school holidays). To be a part of the training you must be willing to commit to attending all of these four days, the weekends and five day residential course are optional extras. The first day is soon (28th Feb at Riverside Community.) The aim is to start the year in mindfulness.


  • Nourishing Calm mindfulness weekends. The same deal as last year, 2 x two day residential weekends in May and November at the Wangapeka Study and Education Centre. These are option extras, we trust it has become clear that your capacity to bring mindfulness into the classroom and your life is directly proportional to your experience. You cannot get this from study alone.


  • Entering the Heart of Mindfulness Practice. A five day residential course in the Term three holidays at the Wangapeka Study and Education Centre. This is for teachers who aspire to take it deeper. A day is good, a weekend even better. Five days affords a deepening integration of the foundations that support mindfulness. 


There is no limit to what you can attend as long as you are clear that the four days alone are the 2018 CCC training pathway. The weekends and five day retreat are optional extras.


Dates for the Calendar Four Professional development days

February 28th  Professional development day

April 18th (School Holidays) Professional development day

August 1st Professional development day

October 12th (School Holidays) Professional development day


  • Nourishing Calm weekend May 11-13th Two-day residential weekend
  • Entering the Heart of Mindfulness October 4-9th Five-day residential course
  • Second Nourishing Calm weekend November 2nd -4th Two-day residential weekend


This training will be funded and subsidised. Money does not have to be an obstacle for a motivated teacher to engage in this training.

The four professional days will cost $50 in total. This includes training materials for all four days. It does not include lunch, please bring your own.

The May and November weekends are subsidised by $170 to cost $100, get in quick.

The cost of the 5 day training in October is still in negotiation. We are hoping to offer a $200 scholarship for any teacher on the CCC training who is motivated to take their personal understanding to a deeper level. This is a five day retreat with food, accomodation and teaching provided. The cost will be confirmed soon but we are happy to tentatively offer the scholarship to the first six places.

Sign Up

There are a maximum of 20 places for the four professional development days. 

A $50 deposit is required to secure your place. 

A registration form is available simply email  danielburgess-milne@hotmail.com


“I cannot believe the energy I had for my work and the clarity of mind to just type and be confident with what I was writing. I am attributing this to my amazing weekend and my newly calm and focused mind. This was truly an unexpected bonus.”
— Words of an Associate Principal who attended the weekend training.




Calm, Clear, Creative (CCC) is an opportunity to offer subsidised and affordable mindfulness training for teachers that is face-to-face, practical and provides ongoing support. CCC brings the best we know from the fields of neuroscience to help understand how to bring calm to the body/brain/nervous system. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change in response to experience; mindfulness is the ground in which healing and meaning grow.


Calm, Clear, Creative is:

  • Resourcing teachers to manage stress well
  • Helping teachers to respond more and react less
  • Offering strategies that are researched in neuroscience that prevent burnout
  • Helping teachers role model calm, clarity and creativity for their students
  • Bringing mindfulness into the classrooms through the teachers

Learning mindfulness is not something extra; it actually saves time because the mind becomes less scattered and more efficient.


CCC is supported and promoted by ‘The Doctors Motueka’, a community GP clinic. Together Opening Minds and The Doctors are offering this free training for teachers who want to take this skill further and bring it back to their classroom and their schools.

If a teacher can embody these qualities, and is resourced with a toolkit of practices, then a teacher can naturally bring these ways of being into the classroom and into the lives of children.


The Training

Free Professional Development Session

Opening Minds is offering presentations in schools in the Nelson/ Tasman region. Teachers from these schools will receive a subsidised rate for the professional development weekend, bringing the total cost for an individual to only $50!

If you would like to take part in the training but your school has not received a professional development session, you can still attend. However, the subsidised rate cannot be offered.



If you'd like to ask any questions about Calm, Clear, Creative, or to register for a place on one of the workshops, fill in the form below.

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